Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Bike

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5 Weeks until Ironman Texas 70.3!  I guess I'll stick with the fishing theme from last week for a little while.  When I look at this bike map all I can think of is the memories I have fishing along this route.  We'll be traveling over the San Luis Pass Bridge and then I'll have Christmas Bay and Drum Bay on my right.  This is a pretty straightforward ride, a simple 28 miles out and 28 miles back.  The not so simple part will be the wind.  More than likely it will be a headwind for the first half and a tailwind for the second half, but there are no guarantees.

The key for me on the bike will be to have my "should" bike and not my 
"could" bike, as Coach Booher says.  What I mean by this is the key is to have enough gas left in the tank when I finish the ride to finish my first half marathon at the end of the race.  I've learned this the hard way a few times on some shorter races, but that lack of discipline on April 1st will make for a very long day.  My goal will be to keep my heart rate in a normal range and to have it relatively low once I enter into the second transition for the run.  My time estimate for completing the bike is 3 hours and 10 minutes.  I'll be doing two race rehearsals in the next few weeks so we'll definitely be putting that estimate to the test.

One of the cool things about the bike for this race is that (cross your fingers) I'll be riding a new one.  I ordered a 2012 Blue Triad SL LE back in October that is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean on a container ship as we speak.  This bike is a generous gift from my Mom and Dad who continue to support me in every aspect of my life.  For the record, this bike is way out of my triathlon skill range but no doubt it will be a fun and fast ride.  Thanks Mom and Dad, I'll try and do the Blue justice on April 1st.

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Did I mention there will be some guy named Lance racing Ironman Texas 70.3.  My guess is that since the pros will be going off at least an hour before me he'll zip by some time after I just get my bike started.  I think one of the coolest thing about triathlon is that we share the course with the pros.  What other sport do you get to do that, not many?  He and I will have something in common, not speed (he got 2nd place in his first race), we will be racing for a reason.  Lance Armstrong has partnered with Ironman to try and race $1 Million for those affected by cancer, and I have partnered with my awesome team, tri4Him, to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of South and Central Texas in Memory of Kaden Smith.  You can click here to donate to the cause, we are already 20% to our goal!

If you want to read the story about our Race for a Reason 2012, just read some previous posts.  Next Sunday I'll talk about the last discipline of the triathlon, the run and recap my first race rehearsal.

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